Landlord/Tenant Counseling

Fair Housing Napa Valley provides free, objective, and confidential services to both tenants and landlords to help them understand their rights and responsibilities under state and local laws and ordinances that affect the rental relationship.

FHNV operates this program under the belief that many disputes between tenants and landlords can be avoided or addressed effectively if both parties obtain an objective explanation of their rights and responsibilities. This type of counseling can help when there are questions regarding:

  • Leases and month-to-month rental agreements; changes in rental terms
  • Repairs; rights and responsibilities of the landlord and tenant(s)
  • Habitability and Code Enforcement compliance
  • A landlord’s right to enter the rental unit and a tenant’s right to privacy
  • Rental increases and other notices
  • Notices to vacate and terminate the rental relationship
  • Handling security deposits; requirements for move-out inspections; the process for refunding the deposit
  • Landlord/ Tenant workshops

Fair Housing Napa Valley provides counseling for both tenants and landlords regarding any of the above-listed issues and all other landlords/tenant inquiries. As with FHNV’s Fair Housing services, the agency offers objective assistance with information, investigation, mediation, referral, and training regarding all such matters.

Trained staff will answer your questions, and discuss your rights, responsibilities, and options with you. Where appropriate, FHNV staff may refer you to government agencies, legal organizations, or other resources to meet your needs. Most general inquiries are answered immediately or within the same day.

All landlord/ tenant services are free and confidential. Counseling is offered in both English and Spanish, and interpretive services in other languages are also available.

Answers to common landlord/ tenant questions can be found here. However, the appropriate answer to your particular question(s) may change depending on the facts and circumstances of your case. For a more detailed review of your landlord/ tenant matter, please contact FHNV, ask an FHNV staff member via email.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Section 8/ Housing Choice Voucher & Other Low Income Housing Programs

FHNV works with residents, private low-income housing providers, and Housing Choice (formerly Section 8) Voucher landlords regarding Fair Housing and landlord/ tenant complaints. We also counsel all parties on compliance with their program’s specific regulations, which can vary depending on the program and type of housing- such as a Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) property.

FHNV also works in partnership with the Housing Authority of the City of Napa, which eases the process of addressing Housing Choice Voucher specific issues, and promotes a strong working relationship among the Housing Authority, landlord, resident, and agency to reach a timely resolution when a complaint arises.

The current rental housing market is extremely competitive and challenging. Rising rents and an extremely low vacancy rate for all rental properties make obtaining any type of low-income housing in Napa County extremely difficult.

FHNV recognizes how vulnerable low-income households are in the face of these challenges, and prioritizes preserving housing as much as possible while addressing all other issues. Landlords and tenants each have standards to meet, and FHNV can assist you with any questions you have regarding your respective rights and responsibilities.

All Fair Housing Napa Valley services are available to residents and housing providers of low-income housing, including these common areas:

  • Fair Housing Complaints
  • Services for Disabled Residents
  • Fair Housing and Program-Related Workshops
  • Inspection compliance; Repairs
  • Recertification
  • Program-Specific Compliance
    • Change in rental/ lease terms
    • Written notice(s)
    • Notices to Vacate & Termination of Tenancy
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If you need assistance or would like information about your Fair Housing rights and responsibilities, please contact us today. All services are free and confidential. Counseling is offered in both English and Spanish, and interpretive services in other languages are also available. You may contact us by phone at (707) 224-9720, via e-mail, or submit a question via our website.

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